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Hans Koreman has a journalistic, uninhibited, cinematic and atmospheric style. Pictures are taken almost unnoticed; Hans Koreman moves preferably inconspicuous among his audience keeping a low profile. A keen eye, speed and intuition guarantee the most open-minded image.
The camera is only a tool and an extension of his feelings, his eye and fascination. He captures the moment.
Koreman's success is due to the combination of talent, historical insight and fascination for people.

Hans has photographed hundreds of weddings, at home and abroad. His style is journalistic; virtually no photograph is staged. His pictures are typically capturing the humor and emotion, speed, action and stylish display. Not only the couple and the ceremonies are to be photographed, but also everything around it. The specific details and moments, the guests, the setting, etc. In short, his reports show the actual atmosphere of the wedding, resulting in the feeling of a movie!
You can’t hire Hans for a few hours, he is present along the entire program. This ultimately results in a beautiful original book with only “real Koreman pictures” in it.

Business and university
As a commercial photographer Hans receives many orders from business, industry and the university. From congresses and symposia, to corporate events and incentives. He works fast, unobtrusive and versatile. The result is original and innovative photographs. Hans Koreman works independently and discreetly. Service to the client is the highest priority!

Hans creates portraits with the most natural look. In a neutral environment without too much posing. Little staging, little styling and true emotion are the key words for his portrait photography.

As the name suggests.